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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC*                     7

the meanwhile gives him a great deal of trouble
and anxiety.

[Mr.   Swinburne   here   continues   his   corres-
pondence in the form of a diary.]

October 2i$t. Arrived at Fontainebleau, by

22nd. Was presented to the Princess de
Lamballe, and supped there.

2yd. Dined at the Marquis de Talaru's,
premier maitre d'Hotel de la Reine.

24th. Went out boar-hunting with the King;
uniform blue and crimson, velvet cuffs, with broad
gold and silver lace. There was a little good
galloping. The forest is so well opened and the
woods so well cleared that there is nowhere any
danger except among the rocks and crags. The
parade of hunting is very great.

Dined at Mr. Eden's, and went to the Court
Theatre, where the admission is gratis. All
foreigners are seated sideways on benches behind
the orchestra, on account of the King's chair,
which is placed in the middle of the pit, and
nobody must turn their back to it. Before us